What are linked accounts?
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Linked Accounts allow team manager's to link a spectator to another roster player, which will allow the spectator to set that player's attendance. This is useful for parents and guardians, or for people that need to use more than one e-mail address for their account.

How to Use Linked Accounts

Linking a spectator account to a roster account is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Roster area within BenchApp.

  2. Edit an existing spectator (or create a new one).

  3. Under the "Class" heading, you'll see "Linked Accounts". (Spectator must first be selected)

  4. Select the roster player you wish to link this spectator.

  5. Save this spectator.

Now, when the automatic or manual callouts go out, both the roster player and the linked spectator will receive an e-mail or text message, allowing both parties to set their attendance.
The linked spectator can also login to BenchApp to manually change the roster player's attendance for each game or event.

This feature requires manager or assistant manager access, and a PRO upgrade.

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