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Calculating games played
Calculating games played
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Keeping track of Games Played by player can be very important for a team manager. We offer the ability to manually track this stat, or to have it calcuated automatically. This setting can be found in Team Settings.

Manual Tracking

  1. To track Games Player manually, make sure the "Auto Games Played" feature is turned off in the Team Settings.

  2. Go to the Roster page, and click the UP or DOWN arrow next to the value under the Games Played header for the desired player.

Automatic Tracking

  1. To track Games Played automatically, turn on "Auto Games Played" in the Team Settings.

  2. All games that a player has checked IN will increment their GP count by 1.

  3. Only GAME and DROP-IN event types are counted towards Games Played.

  4. You cannot manually edit the GP count of a player if "Auto Games Played" is turned on.

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