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How does BenchApp League Management work?
How does BenchApp League Management work?

Learn how managing a league with BenchApp works

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BenchApp supports league management using the same website and app as our fantastic team management system. Here's how it works.

League Management

A League Manager adds teams to their league and assigns one or more team managers to those teams.

  1. Roster

    1. League Managers add roster/spares and spectator players to the team as well

    2. League Managers can remove players from a league

  2. Schedule

    1. League Managers create the schedule that then feeds directly to each team within the league. They are updated in real time.

    2. League Managers can edit an event at any time that will update instantly for all teams.

  3. Scoring

    1. During the game, or after a game is complete, the League Manager is charged with adding scores and penalties. This can also be assigned to a Score keeper

  4. Staff

    1. A League manager can add and assign Referees, Linesmen and Scorekeepers to each game.

Team Management within a League

A team manager logs in to manage their team, as they would with a regular BenchApp team.

  1. Roster

    1. Team managers can build their own roster, including inviting spares and spectators

  2. Schedule

    1. Team managers cannot add games to their schedule. That is done by the League Managers.

    2. Team managers can add special events, practices, scrimmages, etc.

  3. Player Availability

    1. Team managers are is in charge of handling player availability for each games.

    2. League managers can see how many players are attending a game

  4. Scoring

    1. Team managers cannot manage scoring for their games. This is done by League Managers or Scorekeepers (who are assigned by the League Managers)

  5. Finances

    1. They can assign fees to their players and accept credit card payments

  6. Team Chatter

    1. Team chatter is private to the team. League managers cannot see team chatter.

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