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Sync your schedule to your league
Sync your schedule to your league

Be notified as soon as your league makes schedule changes

Updated over a week ago

BenchApp Schedule Sync allows you to sync your league's schedule to BenchApp with the click of a button. If your league adds games, changes a time, or makes any other changes, we'll notify you via push notification and email.

How to get started:

  1. Find and copy an iCal, ICS or WebCal link on your league's schedule page for your team.

  2. Navigate to the Schedule page and click on "Import Schedule"

  3. Paste the link into the schedule sync URL field and hit sync

  4. You can immediately add any missing events

  5. We'll then notify you as soon as we detect any changes

What happens once notified:

  1. We'll send you a push and an email when we detect changes

  2. Tap on the push or the link in the email to see what changes were made

  3. You then get to decide which changes to accept or which to ignore

That's it! No more having to constantly check your league's website for changes. We'll do it for you :)

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