Managing a league with BenchApp

Managing a league on BenchApp is easy.

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BenchApp offers league management that allows you to manage your hockey league using a central schedule, with league-wide standings, leaders boards, and more. This allows you to create a schedule once; either manually or with our automatic league schedule generator.

With BenchApp League management, you can:

  1. Create one unified schedule that populates to every team in the league, instantly

  2. Communicate with all league managers via e-mail or SMS (text message)

  3. Display leaderboards for teams and players

  4. Score keep each game live, including goals, penalties, and shots

  5. Accept player payments via credit card during registration

  6. Assign referees, linesmen, and scorekeepers to games

  7. And so much more!

All for only $10 USD per team, per month. No set-up fee, and no contract required!

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