How to start a new season

A new season is upon you. It's time to create a season and import your teams

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When a new season starts in your league, it's time to create a season in BenchApp.

Creating a new season

  1. Click on "Seasons" on the left sidebar

  2. Then click on "Add Season"'

  3. Enter a name for the season and the start/end date (these dates are for your reference only, and aren't used anywhere else)

Importing past teams into your new season

Once you've created your season, it's time to import the past season's teams. You can chose to import all of them, or only a select few. If you're starting a fresh season with no existing teams, you can skip this step.

  1. Go to "Teams" on the left sidebar

  2. Click on "Import Teams"

  3. Select the teams you want to import and you're done!

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