How Do I Invite Players To My Team?

There are a several easy ways you can invite players to join your team:

  1. The easiest way to add people to your team is to share your team code. Go to the Roster page within the app, and tap on "Invite by Code".
  2. You can import a CSV file of all your players from the import players page.
  3. You can manually add them to your roster from the Roster area.
  4. You can paste in a collection of e-mail addresses, separated by commas, and the system will send an invite link to each address. Use the "Invite Players" button available at the bottom of the Roster area.
  5. You can use the invite links to have your players automatically add themselves to your roster. Use the "Invite Links" button available at the bottom of the Roster area to find your personalized links.

Getting your players into BenchApp has never been easier!

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